Evins Mill: A Tennessee Resort Property
1535 Evins Mill Road
Smithville, Tennessee, 37166, United States
615.269.3740 (nashville)

Farm to Table

  • Food - Strawberries

In an effort to acquire its food from local vendors who raise their animals in a humane, grass-fed and chemical-free environment and who grow their produce organically, Evins Mill is pleased to partner with many local food purveyors, including...

Meat & Fish

  • Food - Farm to Table
  • Food - Farm to Table
  • Food - Farm to Table

Dairy & Eggs

  • Food - Farm to Table
  • Food - Farm to Table
  • Food - Farm to Table

Produce & Other

  • Food - Tomatoes
  • Food - Farm to Table
  • Food - Lettuce
  • Purple Maize Farm, Dowelltown ~ produce
  • Evans Family Farm, Smithville ~ produce
  • Herb Cottage, Smithville ~ herbs & flowers
  • Dismal Creek Flowers ~ herbs & wildflowers
  • Dekalb Farmers Market, Smithville ~ produce & bread
  • Old Mill, Pidgeon Forge ~ grits & oats


  • moonshine

Better All The Way Around

The philosophy and techniques of many of the resort's purveyors result in cuisine that is better for...

  • Food - Squash
  • the health of our guests
  • the environment
  • the local economy
  • local farmers & their animals
  • and of course the taste
  • Food - Dried Fruit

Evins Mill chronicles its transition to locally-sourced cuisine on its blog Farm to Table, where Chef Evans posts profiles of our Tennessee-based food purveyors, or offers a progress report from his own farm, from which the resort purchases much of its produce spring through fall.