Evins Mill: A Tennessee Resort Property
1535 Evins Mill Road
Smithville, Tennessee, 37166, United States
615.269.3740 (nashville)

Conference Spaces & Services

Dedicated Meeting Rooms

  • Gristmill - Exterior

Between the Main Lodge and Gristmill, Evins Mill features three dedicated conference rooms - spaces that can be reserved for private use. Unlike informal gathering areas, a group may utilize any dedicated meeting room as early as it needs on the day of its arrival (pending availability), even though room check-in time is 3:00 p.m. 

Likewise, a group may utilize the same meeting room as late as it needs on the day of its departure (pending availability), even though conferees must check out of their rooms at noon. In addition, full audio-visual equipment/support and conference table set-up are  available only in private conference rooms.

Taylor Hall in Main Lodge ~ 44' x 28' (1,230 sqare feet)

  • Main Lodge - Taylor
  • Meetings - Taylor

At 1,230 sqare feet, Taylor Hall is the largest of the resort's three conference rooms, and is suitable for 33 conferees or fewer with a u-shape style set-up, and up to  60 conferees with a classroom style set-up. Located in the Main Lodge, where all meals are served, Taylor Hall is convenient not only to the dining facilities but also to overnight accommodations, especially the Creek Side rooms.  

Davidson Room in Gristmill ~ 34' x 27' (920 sqare feet)

  • Gristmill - Davidson
  • Gristmill - Davidson

At 920 square feet, the Davidson Room is suitable for 24 conferees or fewer with a u-shape style set-up, and up to 36 conferees with a classroom style set-up. In addition to space for traditional conference set-ups, the Davidson Room also features a more casual  area with comfortable club seating for informal discussions.

Located in the Gristmill on the opposite side of Fall Creek from the Main Lodge, the Davidson Room is accessible by foot or car and is convenient to Cortland Hall, the South Trail and the Adventureworks Ropes Course. 

Knox Room at Gristmill ~ 17 x 23' (390 square feet)

  • Gristmill - Knox
  • Gristmill - Knox

lAt 390 square feet, the Knox Room is suitable for 15 conferees or fewer with a u-shape style set-up, and up to 24 conferees with a classroom style set-up. Located adjacent to the Davidson Room in the Gristmill, the Knox Room is accessible by foot or car and is convenient to Cortland Hall, the South Trail and the Adventureworks Ropes Course.

Informal Conference Spaces

Between the Main Lodge, Gristmill & Solstice, Evins Mill also features seven more casual gathering spaces - five indoor & two covered decks - where groups can meet informally, but only if no other guests would be present at a particular facility.

A group may guarantee exclusive use of the Main Lodge & Gristmill by reserving all twenty overnight accommodations, and may guarantee exclusive use of Solstice by reseving all eight of its overnight accommodations.

While Evins Mill can provide easels & flipcharts in all informal gathering areas, other av equipment such as LCD projectors and microphones are available only in dedicated private rooms.

Main Lodge & Gristmill

  • Main Lodge - Stone Room

Stone Room

  • Meetings -Manning

Manning Overlook

  • Gristmill - Cortland

Cortland Hall

The Main Lodge, which is the heart of the resort and home to its largest meeting room, is also home to three refreshingly informal gathering areas, including the Stone Room, seating six to sixteen conferees, and Manning & Ivy Overlooks, covered decks with breathtaking views.

The Gristmill is not only home to two dedicated conference rooms, but is also home to Cortland Hall, a large game room that features a palour seating nine conferees, as well as booth style seating that can accommodate as many as sixteen conferees in a single "pod."


  • Solstice - Halcyon

Halcyon Commons

  • Solstice - Commons

Sylvan Commons

  • Solstice - Commons

Arcadia Commons

Unlike informal areas in the Main Lodge & Gristmill, which are open to all guests of Evins Mill, common spaces in Solstice - Halcyon, Sylvan & Arcadia Commons - are accessible only to guests staying there. Groups who reserve all eight rooms in Solstice have exclusive access to these common gathering areas from 3:00 p.m. on day of arrival to 12:00 p.m. on day of departure. If no other guests are arriving at or departing from Solstice, groups may be able to utilize its common areas before the 3:00 room check-in and/or after the 12:00 room check-out.

Audio-Visual Services & Support

  • Guests - Waterfalls
  • Guests - Waterfalls
  • Guests

In addition to dedicated and casual meeting areas, Evins Mill also provides corporate groups with full audio-visual services in all three "official" conference rooms, including...

  • LCD projector, drop-down screen & av cart
  • easels, flipcharts, markers, dry earsers & tape
  • wireless internet
  • podium, PA system & microphone

Meeting Room Set-Up

  • Meetings - Stone
  • Meetings - Ivy
  • Meetings - Millstone

The resort uses 72" long rectangular tables and comfortable meeting room seats that can be configured in a variety of conference room set-up styles, including...

  • u-shape
  • square or rectangle
  • classroom
  • theatre
  • banquet (Taylor Hall only)