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Fine Dining

"The lodging, food, meeting facilities, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful setting combine to make Evins Mill the perfect place for our retreats." ~ National Federation of Independent Business

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For many groups, dining at Evins Mill is the highlight of their experience. Unlike a traditional B&B, Evins Mill is a full-service resort, fielding a full chef and wait staff and offering not only breakfast but also dinner, lunch, breaks & full bar service.

While most dinners are four-courses, featuring soup, salad, entrée and dessert, our chefs also prepare reception buffets and festive overlook cookouts. Midday meal options include indoor buffets, outdoor cookouts, three-course luncheons and box lunches. Breakfast and break service are served buffet style.

See the Dining page for a sample menu and wine list. To receive a current edition of our reception menu with pricing, call our reservation office at 615.269.3740 (nashville).

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