The Inn at Evins Mill: Nashville Bed and Breakfast
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Smithville, Tennessee, 37166, United States
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Vacation Rental

Halcyon (adj. tranquil, happy, idyllic)

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With the introduction of Halcyon (pronounced hal-see-en), a three bedroom penthouse on its top floor, The Solstice offers families and/or friends a kitchen and dining room where they can prepare and enjoy their own meals - perfect for those seeking a more private setting for family reunions, "big chill" weekends or vacation rentals.

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Two of the bedrooms in Halcyon are the only ones with screened-in porches and vaulted hardwood ceilings, while its master bedroom singularly features both a shower and a bathtub with tree-top views. Groups needing more than three bedrooms may reserve other bedrooms in The Solstice for overflow accommodations. Conversely, Halcyon has also been designed so that its kitchen may be closed and its three bedrooms made available for private rental.

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