Evins Mill: A Tennessee Resort Property
1535 Evins Mill Road
Smithville, Tennessee, 37166, United States
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Event Pricing

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  • Wedding - Bride/Groom
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There are three components to pricing a wedding or other special events at Evins Mill...

  • The property rental fee gives our clients exclusive use of the resort's main campus for one day & night - or for the entire weekend.
  • The furnishing & facilitation fee includes the provision/set-up/break-down of furnishings essential to special events as well as on-going consultation with our event facilitator.
  • Food & beverage is the most variable pricing component, depending on the number of guests and the nature of the menu selected.

Unlike the bridal suite, other overnight accommodations are not included in the property rental, though many if not all are available to wedding guests at significantly reduced rates.

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Property Rental

Approximately $2,000 for 24 hour rental and $3,500 for weekend rental

Events booked more than four months in advance require rental of the resort's main campus, which includes access to...

  • the Main Lodge, featuring Millstone Landing, Adele Commons, Evelyn Commons, Stone Room, Taylor Hall and Manning & Ivy Overlooks
  • the Gristmill, featuring the Davidson Room, Knox Room & Cortland Hall
  • the entire forty acre property, featuring waterfalls, trails, streams & multiple outdoor ceremony locations
  • bridal suite with pampered extras, including a gift tray featuring premium snacks & beverages, use of waffle weave robes, a rose in a ribbon-wrapped vase & a hearty breakfast
  • the remaining eleven Creek Side rooms held exclusively for wedding guests at significantly reduced rates (see "Overnight Accommodations" below)
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The approximate rental fees outlined above are based on a reception for 100 guests, and in the case of the weekend rental, a rehearsal dinner for 50 guests. As the property rental fee is discounted as a percentage of the food service provided at receptions and rehearsal dinners, the rental fee would be less for larger weddings with more extensive menus, and more for smaller occasions.

Furnishing & Facilitation

$15 per guest, based on a minimum of 50 guests and including...

  • Wedding - Flavor
  • provision of chairs, linens, servingware & other critical furnishings
  • set-up & break-down for indoor or outdoor ceremonies & receptions
  • access to AV equipment, including PA systems, amplifiers & LCD projectors
  • pre-event consultation & on-site coordination with our event facilitator

Food & Beverage

$20 to $50 per guest depending on menu selection

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  • Wedding - Groom/Groomsmen

Pricing for food & beverage service is the single most significant variable, as it depends on the menu selected and the number of guests. The menu for a cocktail reception featuring finger foods for example could be as little as $20 or less per guest, while the menu for a full reception meal would range in price from as little as $30 to over $50 per guest. Whatever the dollar amount, Evins Mill takes a third of that dollar figure and applies it as a discount toward the property rental as alluded to above. A few notes on food & beverage service at the resort...

  • Wedding - Flavor
  • With few exceptions (wedding cakes being one), Evins Mill is the exclusive provider of food service.
  • A complimentary beverage station is available from arrival through departure.
  • Sodas, bottled waters & alcoholic beverages are available but not included.
  • A 20% service charge applies to all food & beverage orders.

Overnight Accommodations

$100 per night for two guests with full breakfast

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  • Wedding - Bride/Father
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With property rental, Evins Mill holds all twelve Creek Side rooms exclusively for the bride & groom and their guests, whether the rooms are occupied or not. The Bridal Suite excepted, Creek Side rooms are not included in the property rental but are available at a reduced rate of $100, which includes one night’s accommodation & a full breakfast for two. A few notes on our Creek Side lodging and pricing…

  • Wedding - Flavor
  • Rate is based on double occupancy.
  • Single occupancy rates are not available.
  • Rate for multi-occupancy rooms/children are available.
  • Rate does not include tax, alcohol or gratuity.
  • For room descriptions, see the Room tab above & to the left.

Unlike our Creek Side rooms, accommodations in The Solstice are not held exclusively for event guests and with one exception do not rent for a discounted rate. The exception applies when a wedding party guarantees the rental of all twenty rooms, in which case Evins Mill will extend the same $100 rate to Solstice accommodations as it does to its Creek Side rooms.

For a custom estimate, current menu & event policies, please call our Sales Office at 615.269.3740 (nashville).

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