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"All of the staff is amazing, highly professional, and very nice. And the FOOD - I've never heard people compliment food at a wedding reception, but my guests couldn't stop talking about the dinner! The food is AMAZING."  ~ Naomi

Property Rental

  • The property rental incorporates the resort’s public facilities, common gathering areas, grounds and bridal suite but does not include other overnight accommodations.
  • The property rental period, not to be confused with the room check-in/check-out times, begins at noon and extends in 24-hour intervals. Absent advance arrangements, guests should arrive after the rental period begins and depart before it ends.
  • While the rental period begins at noon, Evins Mill requires guests from the previous evening to depart by 3:00 p.m.
  • With advance notice and depending on other reservations, Evins Mill may be able to extend the rental period for a charge of $100 per hour. Without advance notice, the rate is $200 per hour.
  • Absent advance arrangements, all decorations, floral arrangements and deliveries, as well as the set-up and removal of non-Evins Mill furnishings, must occur within the rental period.
  • For couples who reserve the resort for their ceremony and reception only, rehearsals and photography sessions may be scheduled prior to the rental period but must accommodate existing reservations.


  • Whichever room the couple designates as the master suite is included in the property rental fee and comes with a gift tray, turn-down service, use of two waffle weave robes and breakfast & lunch for two.
  • The other nineteen rooms must also be reserved and are exclusively available to event guests at a discounted rate.
  • The one-night rate includes breakfast for two and is $125 - a 42% discount. The two-night/weekend rate includes breakfast for two both mornings as well as a sack lunch for two and is $250 - a 48% discount.
  • Evins Mill can bill individual guests, the couple, or a mixture of the two for overnight accommodations.
  • Unclaimed or unreserved rooms will be billed to the couple at a further reduced rate of $100 per room.
  • Guests who are paying for their rooms should contact Evins Mill in advance to secure their reservations. If guests fail to contact Evins Mill in advance and fail to pay for their room upon check-out, their charges are added to the couple's bill at the rate outlined above.
  • While guests are welcome to arrive at noon, room check-in time is 3:00 p.m. Evins Mill encourages couple to convey check-in time to their guests.
  • If the arrival day coincides with the day of the ceremony, Evins Mill guarantees at least two rooms will be ready for check-in by 1:00 p.m. and two more rooms by 2:00 p.m.
  • On day of departure, room check-out is 12:00 p.m.
  • For rooms with more than two occupants, there may be an additional charge for breakfast depending on the age of the occupant(s). Breakfast for additional occupants aged 13 & older is $15 and for additional occupants aged 6 to 12 is $7.50. Occupants 5 years of age & younger eat breakfast at no charge.
  • Unlike breakfast, the addition of box lunches for more than two occupants is not a requirement but is available at $12.50 per box lunch regardless of the age of the additional occupant(s).
  • All twenty rooms feature one king size bed, which may be converted to two twin beds for a one-time $30 conversion fee.
  • Six rooms feature a loft with a king size mattress, while one suite features a queen size sleeper sofa. Evins Mill can also provide air mattresses sleeping one guest. To accommodate additional bed & bath linens, loft, sleeper sofa or air mattress utilization and added clean-up, there is a $25 fee for triple occupancy, a $30 fee for quadruple occupancy, and a $35 fee for quintuple occupancy. These are one time, not nightly, fees.
  • Nearby accommodations are available. Evins Mill will provide a list of off-site lodging options, though guests are responsible for securing rooms at off-site venues.

Furnishing & Facilitation

  • The F&F fee includes the provision of white wedding chairs, banquet chairs, tables, linens, serving ware and other standard wedding & reception accoutrements, such as a trellis, runner and cake cutting knives, as well as the set-up and break-down thereof at designated locations.
  • The F&F fee includes the use of AV equipment such as an LCD projector, projector screen & table, a TV/DVD player and easels. It also includes the use of PA systems at the Lodge & Gristmill, into which microphones, ipods and our satellite music service may be plugged. Only Evins Mill staff members are authorized to set-up and breakdown such equipment.
  • The F&F fee includes a dedicated event facilitator to assist couples in the planning process and on the day of the wedding to ensure the event goes according to plan.
  • The F&F fee is based on a minimum of 50 guests and is capped at 125 guests.
  • Evins Mill will set-up ceremonies at one of four outdoor locations: the South Lawn by Evins Mill Pond, the East Lawn by the Granary and Ivy & Manning Overlooks at the Lodge. It will set-up ceremonies at one of two indoor locations: the Davidson Room at the Gristmill and Taylor Hall at the Lodge. To set-up ceremonies at other locations, there is an additional set-up charge of $10 per guest.
  • Evins Mill will break-down any decorations that couples do not remove by departure. If such removal requires additional expense, Evins Mill will charge that expense against the damage deposit.
  • Evins Mill does not provide officiants, floral arrangements, musicians, valet service, photographers and some other services in-house. Please contact Evins Mill or consult our vendor list to clarify which services it provides in-house and which services couples will need to arrange for themselves.
  • Musicians are responsible for providing extension cords for amplification as necessary.
  • If indoors, there is no “curfew” for bands and DJs. If outdoors, bands and DJs may play as late as 10:00 p.m.

Food Service

  • Evins Mill guarantees menu prices up to three months prior to the wedding date.
  • Evins Mill requires a guaranteed number and selection for meals one week prior to the wedding date. Evins Mill will purchase food and bill for the number of guaranteed guests, even if fewer guests actually attend.
  • With the exception of wedding cakes and special allowances for alcohol, Evins Mill is the exclusive provider of all on-site food service. Couples must contract with a specialist for the wedding cake. If the wedding cake is delivered in tiers, couples are also responsible for its assembly.
  • Reception buffets & cookouts aside, Evins Mill functions on a banquet-style basis, traditionally serving one entrée per meal. With advance notice, special dietary needs can easily be accommodated.
  • Evins Mill can accommodate full-service meals for up to 75 guests. For receptions with more than 75 guests, only the reception buffet menu is available.
  • At full service meals (i.e. non-buffet meals), Evins Mill can by advance arrangement and for an additional fee provide up to two entrees. See the "Other Options" section on the menu for more detail.
  • Evins Mill serves all meals at the Main Lodge. For an additional catering fee, Evins Mill can host food & beverage events on the first floor of the Gristmill but does so with disposable wares.
  • If guests are more than an hour late to a meal, Evins Mill charges $15 per half hour per staff member present to cover staffing expenses - unless the change is communicated 24 hours in advance. To avoid the risk of this late fee, Evins Mill recommends planning a post-ceremony social hour in case the ceremony and/or post-ceremony photography takes longer than expected.
  • Evins Mill uses off-white table cloths and black napkins. Couples are welcome to utilize different colors by outside rental.
  • Evins Mill provides full wait staff for three hours and can accommodate longer receptions for an added charge – based on the staff-hours required at $25 per staff hour.
  • Evins Mill places a 20% labor charge on all food and beverage service. If a couple feels as though they received exceptional service and desires to leave gratuity for specific staff members, they have that option on the final bill.

Beverage Service

  • Evins Mill provides one complimentary beverage station at Evelyn Commons in the Lodge from arrival through departure. For $3 per guest per station, Evins Mill can set-up additional beverage stations at other locations, including Cortland Hall at the Gristmill or on one of the Lodge decks. If advance arrangements are not made for break service and it is requested on-site, the price is $4 per guest. Complimentary beverages include tea, coffee, lemonade & ice water.
  • Evins Mill can make sodas and bottled waters available on an open/self-serve basis or on a by request basis. If on an open/self-serve basis, Evins Mill can only add such consumption to the master invoice. If on a by request basis, Evins Mill can add consumption to the master invoice or bill individual guests.
  • For sodas and bottled waters brought by guests and consumed in public areas, the set-up/clean-up fee is $5 per day per attending guest.

Bar Service

  • The primary bar service location is Adele Commons in the Main Lodge, where beer, wine & mixed drinks are served.
  • Alcoholic beverages are available on a by request basis only. Evins Mill can add such consumption to the master invoice or bill individual guests.
  • Couples that provide their own beer, wine or liquor and consume them in public areas or event spaces are responsible for the storage, handling & service of those beverages and will be billed a $10 per guest per day set-up/clean-up fee for each category of beverage (i.e. beer, wine, liquor).
  • The surcharge for alcohol provided by couples does not include mixers but does cover the provision of glassware, corkscrews, bottle openers, cocktail napkins, stirrers, limes, lemons & cherries, as well as the added set-up & clean-up associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • The price for keg beer purchased from Evins Mill includes tub, tap, cup ware and keg set-up in one location. Couples who wish to move the keg from its original location are responsible for its transport.
  • Evins Mill reserves the right to delay the departure of guests it deems unfit to drive.

Cortland Hall at Gristmill

  • For couples who wish to enjoy beer or wine at Cortland Hall, Evins Mill can provide at the Main Lodge beer by the six pack or uncorked bottles of wine and allow couples to transport such beverages to Cortland Hall. Or, Evins Mill can transport and set-up a self-serve beer OR wine bar at Cortland Hall for a fee of $5 per guest, or can set-up a combined beer & wine bar at Cortland Hall for a fee of $10 per guest.
  • For couples who wish to enjoy spirits at Cortland Hall, Evins Mill must set-up a bar and provide a bartender. In addition to the bartender fee referenced above, the set-up fee is $20 per bottle transported.
  • Disposable cup ware is used for bar service at Cortland Hall.

Land & Facility Notes

  • Due to the historic nature of its facilities, Evins Mill restricts dancing to Taylor Hall at the Lodge and Cortland Hall at the Gristmill.
  • By state law, all guestrooms and public interior spaces are smoke-free, although guests are welcome to smoke on any of the outdoor covered decks. To minimize the risk of a ground fire however, Evins Mill does ask guests to dispose of cigarette and cigar butts in the urns provided rather than on the ground.
  • Pets are not allowed inside rooms or any building at Evins Mill. Guests are welcome however to bring pets onto the property during the day as long as they keep them outdoors. Evins Mill does require guests to board their pets overnight and recommends Southpaw Bed & Bath for this purpose.
  • Guestrooms are free of phones, although there is a communication center in the Lodge where guests can make toll free, calling card and collect calls. Most cell phone service does work on the property although not necessarily in the guest rooms.
  • Wireless internet access is available in all public spaces and in all overnight accommodations.
  • Guests may not remove or adjust existing decorations, fixtures, or furniture, unless Evins Mill indicates otherwise.
  • Couples may not nail decorations to walls or attach decorations in a manner that would damage the facilities or property.
  • Use of confetti, rice, silly string, glitter, popcorn, grass seed, and sparklers are prohibited. Petals, birdseed, bubbles, butterflies, and doves are allowed outside.
  • Evins Mill does not control the volume of water flowing over its dam. During particularly dry stretches of time, particularly in the summer, the flow of water may be more of a trickle than a cascade.

Deposits & Balances

  • Between the time a couple makes a verbal commitment to utilize Evins Mill and the receipt of a deposit to secure the location, the couple enjoys first-right-of-refusal status. Evins Mill will not release the location to another party without giving a first-right-of-refusal couple the opportunity to secure the location.
  • First-right-of-refusal status is predicated on the submission of a written estimate to the couple for a single and specific set of dates.
  • Pending the needs and nature of other interested parties, Evins Mill may give a first-right-of-refusal couple only days or even hours to secure the location.
  • To secure the location, an initial deposit as highlighted on the event estimate is required. If payable by check, couples must remit such to the Evins Mill Sales & Reservation Office at 2820 Dogwood Place, Suite 102, Nashville, Tennessee 37204. If payable by credit card, couples may complete and email a credit card authorization form to info@evinsmill.com or call the Evins Mill Sales & Reservation Office at 615.269.3740.
  • Two subsequent deposit installments, equal to the initial deposit, are payable three months and one month prior to the wedding.
  • Initial balances are due prior to check-out and are payable by credit card, cash, or travelers’ checks. Evins Mill does not accept personal checks as a final payment unless remitted prior to the wedding date.
  • If necessary, a final invoice reflecting the consumption of any incidentals (i.e. sodas, beer, etc.) will be sent the day after departure and is payable within one week from the date the bill was sent.
  • Couples are liable for any damage to the property, facilities, furnishings, fixtures and equipment and for any activity that requires professional cleaning services.


  • If a cancellation occurs more than six months in advance of the wedding date, deposits are refundable, less a $100 per night cancellation fee.
  • If a cancellation occurs from three to six months in advance of the wedding date, the first deposit installment will be forfeited unless Evins Mill can rebook those dates with another wedding.
  • If a cancellation occurs one to three months prior to the wedding date, the first two deposits will be forfeited unless Evins Mill can rebook those dates with another wedding.
  • If a cancellation occurs less than one month in advance, all three deposits are forfeited unless Evins Mill can rebook those dates with another wedding.
  • With the exception of impassable roads (see below), there are NO other exceptions to this policy.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and mailed to Evins Mill’s Nashville office.
  • In the case of impassable roads, Evins Mill will apply the full deposit to another date, as long as it is within three months of the originally scheduled date.
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