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Located at the resort's highest elevation and apart from its Main Campus, Solstice is a three-story luxury lodge at Evins Mill, featuring intimate gathering areas, three private accommodations and two expansive suites. Unlike the Main Lodge & Gristmill, which are available to all guests of the resort, the three gathering areas in Solstice - Arcadia, Sylvan & Halcyon Commons - are accessible only to those staying there.

Arcadia Commons


Arcadia Commons, located on the first-floor, features...

  • an entertainment center with wide screen television & DVD collection
  • multitude of board games
  • eclectic library of books 
  • seating for eight
  • easy access to a large covered deck

Sylvan Commons

Sylvan Commons, located on the second/entry floor, features...

  • a wood burning fireplace
  • wide screen television
  • seating for nine
  • kitchenette w/ ice maker & microwave
  • easy access to a large covered deck

Halcyon Commons

Halcyon Commons, located on the third-floor of Solstice and part of a three-bedroom penthouse suite, is the largest gathering space in Solstice and features...

  • a wood burning fireplace
  • wide screen television/DVD 
  • parlor seating for seven 
  • board room/dining room seating for twelve
  • bar stool seating for four
  • full service kitchen
  • easy access to a large covered deck w/ high elevation views

Unlike Arcadia & Sylvan Commons, Halcyon Commons is accessible only to those staying in the three rooms of the Halcyon suite, though when a group reserves Halcyon and other rooms in Solstice, Halcyon Commons is accessible to all group members, wherever they are lodging. 


There are several hiking trails close to the rooms and lodge ad the views are awesome.We hiked for a couple of hours and came upon a large room with table tennis and a pool table."