Well-Being at Evins Mill

In normal times, we strive to maintain a healthy ecosystem for guests and staff alike through a long-standing commitment to cleanliness, safety and preventative maintenance. The A+ scores we consistently receive from inspections of our dining & lodging facilities by the Tennessee Department of Health attest to the higher standard to which we hold ourselves.

On the bumpy and circuitous road back to normal times, we remain committed to practices that reduce the risk of infectious disease. 
Beyond calling attention to aspects of Evins Mill that may intrinsically reduce those risks - it is for example a fundamentally outdoor experience with a limited number of patrons and within a short drive of most who patronize the resort – we continue to implement and refine a suite of measures to further mitigate the risk, which are outlined below. 

We revisit these procedures and policies on a weekly basis and re-calibrate them to stay in tune with current CDC and state recommendations.

[revised January  9, 2023]

Reservation Policies

  • We invite guests to assess their health prior to arrival and remain home if not feeling well.
  • We convert penalties for cancellations to full credits, redeemable on select nights within a collaboratively defined time frame.

Meal & Bar Service Protocols

  • We offer take-out service at breakfast & dinner in lieu of dining in and provide an open-window dining option in season.

Back-of-House Protocols

  • We have provided financial and other incentives for staff to get vaccinated.
  • Of our 27 non-minor staff, 26 (96%) are at least partially vaccinated, while 25 (93%) are fully vaccinated/boosted. Four staff members are minors. 

Please contact us should you have any additional suggestions or concerns.