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Within a short drive of Evins Mill is a lot of local color, including a live outdoor music venue, wineries, a goat farm & creamery, a brewery, a distillery and an art gallery - all producing small-batch, high quality products and vibes, from hooch to sweet wines to exquisite crafts. All are locally owned or affiliated and are open for patronage, tours and/or tastings.

Bert Driver Nursery
& Burlap Room

Dekalb & Warren Counties are known far and wide for nurseries. While most nurseries are wholesale operations, at least one focuses on retail sales - Bert Driver Nursery (615.597.9560), from which Evins Mill purchases the trees, shrubs & perennials it uses in its own landscaped areas. That Bert is a character is an added benefit.

The nursery is also home to the Burlap Room, featuring locally-grown hemp, a beer garden, a concert series featuring local and regional performers, and an annual Earth Day Celebration.

Harmony Lane
Farm & Creamery

Located in Dekalb County, Harmony Lane Farm & Creamery is owned and operated by Julie & Mark David and is a Grade A Dairy, selling fresh goat milk products – including milk, cheese, fudge & soap. Over one hundred goats produce some of the best goat milk around, which, when combined with fresh ingredients from the farm, also result in the finest goat cheese around.

Evins Mill is proud to include many of these locally produced wines, beers, spirits and cheeses at its bar or on its menu; and to host on-site tastings of such at various times throughout the year. For assistance in accessing these nearby attractions, please visit the Locations page on this web site.

Button Willow General
Store & Coffee Shop

Located in Dekalb County and less than five minutes from Evins Mill just off the town square, Button Willow offers an eclectic blend of locally-oriented retail items as well as eclectic blends of coffee.

Appalachian Center
for Crafts

Located in Dekalb County and ten minutes from Evins Mill, the Joe L. Evins Appalachian Center for Crafts (615.597.6801) is a nationally renowned facility dedicated to expanding the influence of craft on contemporary art, while preserving craft traditions. The Center has an art gallery and gift store that features fiber, wood, metal and glass works. 

Calfkiller Brewery

Located in White County, Calfkiller Brewery is owned and operated by brothers Don & David Sergio, who brew beers with "unparalleled drinkability, paradoxically balanced by uncompromising complexity." Whatever that means, they brew a mean beer that if nothing else has an unparalleled following.

Short Mountain Distillery

Located in Cannon County, Short Mountain Distillery is owned and operated by Billy Kaufman. Short Mountain is Tennessee's sixth distillery making authentic small-batch, Tennessee moonshine, bourbon and other fine products from corn that is grown and stone-milled on this 300-acre working farm.

Northfield Winery

Located in White County, Northfield Winery is owned and operated by Mark Ray, who used to pick wild muscadines for his grandmother. As she aged and could no longer eat them, Mark started making wine out of them – and so a winery was born.

Stonehaus Winery

Located in Cumberland County, Stonehaus Winery is owned and operated by Rob Ramsey, producing a variety of wines, from the dryer sparkling Seval Blanc to the sweeter Muscadine (a.k.a. "God's gift to the sunny south"). It also features homemade fudge and gourmet foods.